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Intercos SpA
Intercos Agrate
Intercos Dovera


Intercos Technology
Intercos Suzhou
Interfilia Shanghai
Intercos Shanghai
Intercos Guangzhou

Intercos America

Intercos Brazil


Intercos America
West Coast

Shinsegae Intercos Korea

Intercos Asia Pacific Ltd.

AGRATE (Milan)
Intercos S.p.A – HQs & Intercos Europe

Intercos Group headquarters has been located close to the heart of Milan for over 40 years. The location accommodates all HQ functions of Intercos SpA, the Group’s Holding Company, as well as most of the Group’s R&D/laboratory activities, with a total of 15.000 sqm.
It is home to the biggest cosmetic fashion showroom in the world; A constantly evolving showcase of color and design where Intercos welcomes clients from all over the world, year round.
In Agrate, more than 400 people are dedicated to researching and developing the most beautiful Color Cosmetic products for its global customers.
The location also harbours the commercial and administrative functions of the Group’s most important affiliate, Intercos Europe SpA, which conducts its bulk production activities with a total capacity of more than 4.500 tons.

DOVERA (Crema)
Intercos Europe

Most bulk transformation activities for Intercos Europe are located in Dovera, right in the heart of the Italian cosmetic district. With more than 40.000 sqm, it is the Group’s biggest location with more than 800 people dedicated to the production and distribution of Color Cosmetic products for customers around the globe.

Dropnail S.R.L

The Joint Venture Dropnail Srl is located at this industrial site covering 1.700 sqm, including production, warehousing, and the R&D laboratory for the Nail business.


It is here that Intercos conducts R&D activities with its strategic partner Arterra Srl for extracting actives from plant stems cells which can be incorporated into cosmetic products for protective and anti-aging, effects. Intercos benefits from the most recent research of plant stem cells and to combine beauty with customers’ desire for health and antiaging.


Intercos Paris S.A.R.L.

In Paris, the heart of the fashion world, sophistication in cosmetics plays a leading role. Intercos conducts Trend Scouting to anticipate and generate beauty trends in the cosmetic industry. Sales & Marketing are tailor-made for strategic French customers, allowing Intercos to capture market needs quickly and to be at the forefront of innovation and luxury make up with the world’s best known Cosmetic brands.

Barnstaple (Devon)
Intercos UK Ltd

Intercos Marketing Ltd intimately understands the needs of the UK market and its client base with expertise in the sales and marketing of concepts, products and full range opportunities to current brands, and also with a specialty in creating private label ranges. This location also gives Intercos access to the London fashion scene and a deep understanding of the local market to forecast color cosmetic trends.


SUZHOU (Shanghai)
Ltd & Intercos Technology (SIP) Co. - Ltd
Intercos Cosmetics (Suzhou) Co.

In Suzhou, ca. 100km from Shanghai, the group conducts its Business activities for both the domestic Chinese market and export markets. Three plants with a total bulk production capacity of more than 700 tons p.a., more than 50.000 sqm and close to 1000 employees allow the Group to penetrate the rapidly growing Chinese domestic market as well as to serve its export markets for all product categories of Color Cosmetics and Skincare.

Interfila Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co. - Ltd

Interfila Cosmetics Ltd. produces mainly wood pencils for domestic and international markets. More than 250 people are dedicated to the elaboration of high quality wood pencils, benefiting from Intercos’ long time experience in this core business.




Intercos Shanghai, located in the heart of China’s largest city, serves local clients and multinational brands with a dedicated sales and marketing team. This office is also devoted to sourcing local trends, fashion and style in the continuously evolving world of Asian beauty for color and skin care.


Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, is known as is the largest and most thriving industrial and foreign trade center in south China. This office will serve the high concentration of local brands with a dedicated sales and marketing team.





Intercos America - Sales & Marketing Office

Intercos America is located in the heart of the Manhattan fashion district, close to its strategic customers, in the biggest consumer market. Through this Sales & Marketing office, Intercos strengthens its consumer culture based upon a profound understanding of the markets as insiders, enabling Intercos to create products that fulfill every beauty need in the world’s most innovative market.

Intercos America Inc.

With more than 20.000 sqm, Intercos America Inc. conducts R&D, Sales & Marketing, Bulk production and conversion and packaging activities for all Product categories in two sites just 30km North of Manhattan. With a bulk production capacity of almost 3.000 tons and ca. 700 people, Intercos America serves the US and South American markets. The location allows the Group to quickly convert market needs into innovative products and to rapidly deliver them to local clients.


ATIBAIA, São Paulo
Intercos Brasil

Intercos serves the South American market through this location, 70 km North of São Paolo. It allows the Group to focus on strategic customers and locally sourced products, packaging and raw materials in the long term. Intercos guarantees quick to market solutions for the domestic manufacturing of innovative products with the same high quality standards and technology found at the Italian plants. It is also home to the South America Showroom, where a team of dedicated sales and marketing professionals work in close collaboration with headquarters and local brands to provide the best service to this market.


CRB – Centre De Recherches Biocosmetiques S.A.

The HQ of the Skincare Business Unit is located in Puidoux, 80km from Genève. Here more than 150 people in 5.000 sqmconduct R&D, Sales & Marketingand production activities for its Global Business, leveraging the made in Switzerlandbrand. The Skincare Research Center develops product formulas for customers around the globe, combining its deep roots of Swiss Skincare expertise with local requirements of its customers.

CRB Benelux BV

CRB Benelux BV is an innovative lab for material science in personal care products. It screens and tests raw materials and new technologies, sourced from around the world to prepare new ranges of formulas and products forColor Cosmetics, skin and hair care. The location also includes a chemical lab for development of polymers, liposomes, active molecules and more.


Culver City (Los Angeles), CA
Intercos West Coast

Open since 2015, Intercos West Coast is dedicated to bringing creativity, trends and formula innovation to all west coast brands with accelerated time to market. A sales and marketing team serves all local brands, while a development laboratory offers quick shade matching and customization to rapidly meet client needs.


Shinsegae Intercos Korea

This joint venture between Intercos and Shinsagae is located in the highly technological R&D complex of Seoul’s Pangyo Techno Valley. The center is designed for formula creation, raw material development, packaging innovation and trend scouting with a strong focus on the future of skincare and color cosmetic performance. It will advance the company mission to continuously combine high tech scientific research, breakthrough technologies and extensive market research to produce local, high quality formulas that no one else is able to create. This center also hosts a sales and marketing team to serve all local client needs and multinational clients looking for Korean creativity and unique product performance.


Intercos Asia Pacific Ltd.

Intercos Group’s Asia Headquarters is located in the heart of Hong Kong. It is dedicated to serving the rapidly evolving needs of markets including Hong Kong, South East Asia, Japan and India, as well as international clients with local sourcing centers.

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