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New Ingredients

Driven by consumer needs, Intercos creates unique and inimitable products thanks to exclusive raw materials and technologies. Exploring other industrial sectors, dedicated teams find inspiration and apply them to cosmetics, thus broadening opportunities and enriching the cosmetics industry as a whole.

Product Development

Interconnected laboratories ensure that ideas take form by means of formula design and into the envisioned final product through varied technology paths. Our product expertise, founded by an in-depth makeup culture, comes with a critical sensibility in the development and appraisal of a product.


Intercos regards sustainability and CSR as a top priority, fully committing to providing customers with products that are qualified ethically and environmentally while complying with the new global ideals through sustainable practices.

Europe Research Centers


  • Intercos Corporate Research Center – Italy 
  • CRB Research Center – Switzerland 
  • CRB Benelux – The Netherlands 
  • Vitalab – Italy 
  • Cosmint – Italy 

Asia Research Centers


  • Shinsegae Intercos Korea Innovation Center – Osan South Korea 
  • Intercos Technology Research Center – China 
  • Interfila Shanghai – China 

Americas Research Centers


  • Intercos New York Research Center – United States 
  • Intercos Los Angeles Research Center – United States 
  • Intercos Brazil Research Center – Brazil 

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